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Welcome to Petel's designs.
Our clothes are designed to elicit radiant smiles on the faces of children.

I view each piece of clothing as a piece of art.
It is a colorful story woven in fabrics and is stitched with love.
Each one is an embodiment of my own sweet childhood memories.
Each one is inspired by listening to kids and watching them.

We are unique because we do not mass produce clothes.
Great care and thought goes into choice of material, stitching and attention to detail to offer you unique custom-made children's clothing. My fabrics and trims are chosen for style and comfort and are of highest quality.

We do have a wide selection but the numbers are not many.
We like to keep it that way to retain the uniqueness of the clothing.
So, if there is something you like don't think much and grab it before it is gone.
You will be the proud owner of one-of-a-kind clothing that is born out of love for children.

Petel design
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